Where to start? I guess maybe to explain why I am doing this. I know there are so many people starting blogs and for so many different reasons. Finding out about new places and seeing more of the world is something that has grown in me the more I see and experience. Whether it is a road-trip to the next county over from Limerick  my home town or catching a quick Ryanair flight to a European weekend away I am always on the look out for information to make it better. Maybe you’re the wait till we get there and suss out the area kinda guy and that’s just fine… I am not. I am the itinerary queen, sometimes packing a bit too much into it as I want to see quite literally everything!!! To do this I research the crap out of every area, from the hashtags, to reviews to the street view of what is nearby. Bit much you might think but it always enhances the trip every time!

My plan is to share what I learn so that you can come along on my trips with me and use any of the info to make your next trip all the better….from that street you just to have to see to the free events you have to do and of course the narky waiter in that cafe you really should avoid!! (We have all been there right?)

So this is my travel journey near and far, down the road and over the water! Oh and did i mention the cake…will always be in search of good cake!!

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