You might not have heard of the name of this town but everyone is aware of the iconic cliff shots from the cliff jumps to the grotto restaurant. Well lets just say what you see is exactly what you get. I had originally planned using the town as a base but we ended up staying in nearby Monopoli and deciding on a day visit instead. A perfect town for a day trip with access to good food, narrow streets and panoramic views.

Always seeming to appear on everyone’s itinerary for Puglia and a favourite among tourists PaM it is very easy to reach by train from Bari. Located on the east coast on the Adriatic Sea we only had a short journey to the town and easily found parking on the outskirts. We probably could have parked nearer but got to take a lovely walk along the coast stopping to take in the dramatic views.

The best part of Polignano is, of course, the old town.  The town as a whole is very walk-able. The centro storico is very pretty with winding passageways and plenty of bars and restaurants yet not too many that it would take away from its quaint atmosphere. It is hard not to love the views of the white houses built high on the cliffs hanging over the crystal blue water. There are a few panoramic terraces that offer a breathtaking view over the sea. I loved stumbling upon these small openings between the houses, each one giving you a different angle of the jagged cliffs.

There are a few nice beaches close to the town although the town itself seems to wrap its self around the small rocky Lama Moncachile. If you only have ten minutes in this town then this is the spot you must see. Whether you see it from higher up or can head down to the iconic spot by heading down under the bridge it is breathtaking. I actually don’t think it is possible to take a bad photo from here!

We headed down to the beach to simply catch a view of the beach but found ourselves chilling out at the sea front to take some time and chill out at Fly bar.  This place has a perfect spot for checking out the beach. There was a mix of sunbathers and people like ourselves so we got quick drink and a portion of the local foccacia which is another must try if you are in the area.


View from Fly bar

Another must see is to check out PaM most famous ex resident was Domenico Modugno. The singer of “Volare”.


Having only had the chance to spend the day in this lovely town I will definitely be back.


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